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Letter from WRPH, WCDSB & WRDSB

Dear Parent / Legal Guardian / Student,

As the 2021-22 school year begins, we remain committed to the health, well-being and safety of students, educators, school staff and the broader community. Keeping our schools open this year is our collective priority.

Vaccines are safe, effective and the best way to protect yourself, your child, and your family from COVID-19. Vaccines help to stop the spread so we can safely and gradually resume more activities.

COVID-19 immunization for students is not mandatory. However, understanding the student immunization status and coverage within classes and schools will better enable public health units to respond if there is an outbreak.

Local public health units will be reviewing and assessing students’ COVID-19 vaccination information together with class lists to support case, contact and outbreak management within schools. This is only applicable to students eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine (i.e., those born in 2009 or earlier).

All information collected by the public health unit will be kept confidential and used only for the purposes described in this letter. Further, these immunization records are being disclosed to local public health units under Section 39(2)(a) of the Personal Health Information and Privacy Act (PHIPA) as a disclosure that is made for the purposes of the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA).

Public health units may reach out to parents/legal guardians/students, as applicable, if they have questions about a student’s immunization status. For example, they may have questions about a particular immunization record (e.g., dose timing), or information that is missing. They can also answer any questions you may have and provide information related to COVID-19 vaccines. It is important that this information is complete and accurate since it will inform public health units in the event of an outbreak.

Please see the following COVID-19 Information Resources for Parents/Guardians and Youth and the COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs for Parents and Guardians for information about COVID-19 and vaccines.

Should you have questions on how to access COVID-19 vaccines for yourself, your child, or your family, please visit

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to keep our students safe.


Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang (she/her)
Commissioner and Medical Officer of Health
Region of Waterloo Public Health & Emergency Services


Loretta Notten

Director of Education

Waterloo Catholic District School Board


jeewan chanicka (he/him)

Director of Education

Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB)

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Meet the Teacher and Terry Fox

Dear Families

A couple of friendly reminders:

  1. Please check your child’s google classroom for a Meet the Teacher video posted by classroom teachers. If you cannot connect to Google Classroom, please email or contact your classroom teacher directly.
  2. Terry Fox said, “anything is possible if you try.” Inspired by his amazing example, our school is proudly taking part in this year’s Terry Fox School Run. Please consider supporting us in our try, and help us raise much-needed funds for cancer research. We are just $300 shy of our goal for our Terry Fox Run tomorrow.  A big thank you to everyone who has already donated! Please click on the Terry Fox slide above (on our school webpage) with the link on how to make a donation.


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Blue Bus 145 is late

Dear Parents

Bus 145 is 15 minutes late. It left the school at 3:30. Our apologies.


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Terry Fox Run/Walk

Our Terry Fox Run or Walk will take place on Friday September 24th, 2021 this year.  All classes will participate in this activity in their cohorts, running/walking distances that are age appropriate.  Please consider sponsoring our school as we raise funds for this worthy cause by visiting this link:

We thank you in advance for your generosity!


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Student Census

September 9, 2021

Dear Parents,

This fall Waterloo Catholic District School Board will be conducting a Student Census. While the Ministry of Education requires all school districts to conduct this census, we are committed to collecting quality, relevant student demographic data, so we can meet the needs of all our students. You can learn more about the census at http:

Before we ask your child or children to complete the census, we want to hear from you. We are hosting a series of consultations online. These consultations will give you an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. Please note, we will be hosting a couple of sessions specifically for parents of BIPOC (i.e., Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) students because the census must include questions around Indigeneity, race, and ethnicity. We can imagine parents of BIPOC students may have additional questions and concerns about how we will use the data in a respectful and productive way.

Please click on the following link for the dates and more information: Student census memo

Thank you


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CoVid Screening

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On August 27th it was communicated by the Ministry of Education, that schools and school boards are to confirm screening for the first two weeks of the school year (through to Sept 17th).  Today your child will be bringing home a document that must be signed daily through to Sept 17th. The document confirms that you completed the school screening for your child(ren) each day between September 8th and September 17th .  Each teacher will check the chart for your confirmation each day.  The screening can be found at:

If your child(ren) experience any one or all of the following symptoms, do not send them to school:

Fever and/or chills: Temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius/100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and/or chills
Cough or barking cough (croup): Continuous, more than usual, making a whistling noise when breathing
(not related to asthma, post-infectious reactive airways, or other known causes or conditions they already have)
Shortness of breath: Out of breath, unable to breathe deeply (not related to asthma or other known causes or conditions they already have)
Decrease or loss of taste or smell: Not related to seasonal allergies, neurological disorders, or other known causes or conditions they already have
Nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea: Not related to irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, menstrual

If your child experiences one of these symptoms while at school, we will contact you to pick up your child and siblings.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Mr. Petrella


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Back to School Tomorrow!

Dear Families

We truly hope you enjoyed your long weekend and are ready for back to school tomorrow! We have been busy getting everything ready to welcome our students back into the building. Thank you to all our staff who have been cleaning, organizing and moving for our bear cubs.

A few reminders:

  1. Everyone must complete the CoVid Screening before coming to school. This link for this can be found on our websites at the top of the pages  and
  2. If you are a bus rider the bus route numbers/colours have changed – please visit to check to ensure you are getting on the correct bus and are in the correct spot for pick up/drop off.  Due to our bell time change, this times will be different from last year.
  3. Only staff and students are permitted on the playground in the morning before the bell for the safety and well being of our students.
  4. Please ensure you log into school cash online and see you your child’s teacher and let your child know. This will help us direct your child to the correct line on the first day. All staff will be present outside tomorrow morning to help direct children to the correct line and their teacher.
  5. All CoVid Operational Guidelines still apply as last year with some minor tweeks from Waterloo Region Public Health in the areas of mask mandates, vaccinations and visitors to the school. Please review the Operational Guidelines if you have not had a chance:

Please look for our September Newsletter that will be coming by the end of next week.

Stay Safe Bears!



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