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Open as usual on Wednesday

The potential one day strike announced by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) will not affect WCDSB elementary and secondary schools. Our school will be open as usual on Wednesday and running on a normal schedule.

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Welcome to December at Blessed Sacrament School!

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CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: we are almost there!  There are many little things that have to be finished; however the big items still outstanding are the entrance, cabinets in main hall way and the stage.

PA DAY: Friday December 6th. All schools are closed as staff are attending Faith Development Activities at various locations.

ADVENT: Image result for advent wreathDuring this month of Advent we use it as a penitential time of preparation for Christmas. At school we are having Advent Prayer Services every Monday and the last Friday over the announcements lead by our Grade 7/8 students.

ANGEL TREE: Thank you for your generosity. Blessed Sacrament Church’s St. Vincent de Paul Chapter has many families in need. We are collecting gifts up until December 12 as they are picking up the presents on December 13th. All presents can go under our Angel Tree in the Library, with the exception of gift cards which we are collecting in the main office.

ADVENT MASS: Please join us for our Advent Mass on the Feast of St. Lucy. Friday December 13th at Blessed Sacrament Church – 1:00 p.m.

STUDENT COUNCIL ACTIVITIES: Our student council is very interested in promoting school spirit! As such they have planned 4 spirit wear days to get us into the Christmas Spirit. These spirit days are not new and are a tradition here at school. Participation is optional, however we strived to make these days something that the students may already have or can make to wear. We have wear Christmas Colours on Dec 13; Wear a Santa or Elf Hat or Antlers on Dec 18; PJs on Dec 19 and (the ever popular) Ugly Sweater on Dec. 20.

CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE: As we currently do not have a stage due to the construction delays, we are having a Christmas Open House instead of a concert. The date is Wednesday December 18 from 1:50 – 2:50 p.m. Please come and drop in anytime during the hour and visit your child in their classroom as they partake in many different Christmas activities. Please be mindful of our neighbours and do not block their driveways and be mindful of the parking bylaws.

OFFICE HOURS: Our school office will close on Friday December 20 at 3:45 p.m. for Christmas Holidays. We will reopen on Monday January 6th at 8:00 a.m.  All telephone messages and emails will be returned on this day.


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Blessed Sacrament School is not affected by OSSTF Strike Action

As you may have heard, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) has announced plans for a one-day strike on Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

OSSTF does not represent any staff working in our elementary and secondary schools, therefore all Waterloo Catholic District School Board elementary and secondary schools will be open and running on their normal schedules tomorrow.

WCDSB teaching staff are represented by the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA), and negotiations with the province are still on-going. We are hopeful the two sides will reach a fair and respectful collective agreement.

However, OSSTF does represent some staff working at our St. Louis Adult Learning and Continuing Education Centres, and the one day strike will result in the following programs and services being CLOSED on December 4:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at all campuses.
  • Language Instruction for New Canadians (LINC) classes at all campuses.
  • Literacy Basic Skills (LBS) classes – also known as CorE classes – at all campuses.
  • Spots for Tots childcare and LINC Childminding sites at both the both the Downtown Kitchener Main Campus and the Highland Road campus.

PLEASE NOTE: All other St. Louis programs will be running on normal schedules.

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Umbrella Project – Cognitive Flexibility – December Focus

This month our focus is on building cognitive flexibility. What will cognitive flexibility do for my child?

Life doesn’t always follow a predictable pattern; cognitive flexibility helps our children navigate this uncertainty and feel like they have more options when faced with challenges. As things change around them, they need to change in order to maintain their wellbeing.

With cognitive flexibility your child will be better able to change strategies when faced with new and unexpected situations, make sense of the unfamiliar and thrive in uncertainty. Cognitive flexibility is important for innovating, coming up with new ideas and solving problems, and is essential to creativity. It will also help them understand people and situations that are different from theirs and improve their relationships.

This month we can’t wait to walk you through this cool skill and help you find ways to flex this part of your child’s brain

Success isn’t all about getting serious. 
Positive mood has been found to enhance creative problem solving and focus at school. How does this happen? Cognitive flexibility! The handy dandy skill can be increased just by using a little humour.  Use this month to focus on having some good family laughs before getting started on homework or trying new things. It’s easy to get really serious about our child’s future success and what they need to accomplish in order to get there.
Unfortunately, the stress of this approach can actually move them in the opposite direction of the success they were hoping for.
This month, laugh a little more as you help your child through the struggles of picky eating, exam time or learning a new skill. Try telling a few jokes back and forth to set the tone for learning. You may find this approach makes everybody more flexible.
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What’s Happening at School!


Battery Letter-to-Parents

All parent Dec. 3 invite (final)

Dear Families

Above is information about events and happenings in our school and school board.

Our Eco Team is pleased to announce that they have started recycling programs for batteries and markers. Please click on links above for more information.

Our board is offering a free parent event on Dec. 3rd. Please click on link above for more information.

Our student council is offering a mismatched or silly sock day this Friday!

Our Healthy Schools Lead Teachers are running a Polar Bear Crawl during p.m. recesses. We are tracking how many km we are running. So far we have “run” to Quebec City and are heading to the north pole!

We wish you a great Happy Catholic New Year with the start of Advent on Sunday!

  • North
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Twin Day Tomorrow

As noted in last Sunday’s Belonging Week Info blast, tomorrow will be Twin Day.

Student Council is asking students to dress alike.  They can be twins, triplets, quadruplets etc. etc.

We are looking forward to this fun activity to wrap up Belonging Week!

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Belonging Week (Bullying Awareness)

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board’s theme for Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week is “A Community that Builds Relationships”. During the week of November 18-24, 2019, schools across our district will have opportunities to reflect on what it means to be: a peaceful community; an inclusive community; a respectful community; and a community of kindness. Students will be challenged to leave footprints of love and kindness as we journey together in faith to promote safe schools and a positive learning environment.

Some school based activities that we are doing this week are the following:

  1. Starting Monday we are accepting presents as part of our Angel Tree Campaign. In the promotion of “belonging” week, we must think of families in our community who cannot afford Christmas presents this year. All of us belong to our Catholic family and have a duty to support those in need. If you did not pick up an angel at Interview Night, we will hang them on the Angel Tree in the Library.
  2. Our Student Council will lead us in Morning Prayer tied to the daily themes.
  3. Teachers will do lessons this week which tie to our theme.
  4. To wrap up the week, Student Council is promoting a Twin Day on Friday where students are encouraged to find a friend and dress alike.

We are also promoting the proper us of the word “Bully” and identifying what the action is:

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Me to We Rafiki Bracelets Sale

From November 13th until November 29th our Blessed Sacrament We Club will be selling Holiday themed Rafiki bracelets to support varying Health, Education and Water initiatives through Me to We. These bracelets are inspired by Maasai beading traditions in Kenya and are  handmade with love by women we know as mamas. Each sale of one of these bracelets helps these extraordinary, talented women bead their way to a brighter future for themselves and their families. 

We are offering the 3 holiday bracelet styles above, each priced at $10.00. You will be able to purchase the bracelets through School Cash Online from Nov.13th – 29th. 

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Growth Mindset – Umbrella Project Focus for November





This month our focus is to build a growth mindset. To briefly summarize, in a fixed mindset we
believe that our intelligence and talent are something we are born with and can’t change. This
leads us to the false assumption that talent alone, without hard work, will lead to success.
Extensive research has shown that children with this mindset give up easily and often avoid
In a growth mindset, we see ourselves as growing and developing. We believe we can build any
skill with effort and this can help us create a love of learning and an excitement around new
challenges. We see the brain like a muscle, the more effort we put in, the bigger it grows.

Praise Your Child For Effort Instead of Talent
The most important thing we can work towards as parents is to praise our children for effort, not
talent. Our words tell children how to think about themselves and with best intentions when we
say things like, “Great job, you got perfect without even trying. You’re so smart!” we send our child
the message that trying hard means you aren’t as smart.
Research shows that children praised for outcome will choose easier tasks to prove they are smart
and gain our approval. Praising children for effort on the other hand, is what leads them to choose
harder tasks because they know we value effort. This is why children with a growth mindset
ultimately reach higher levels of success.
To support the growth mindset of our SJK community, please give praise freely for these growth
mindset builders:
● Things accomplished through practice: studying, use of effective strategies,
perseverance, and concentration.
● Choosing challenging projects.
● Trying different strategies.
● Making improvement.
● Passion
When your child does something very quickly and easily, recognize that the task didn’t challenge
them and say “Sorry about that. I guess that was too easy. Next time let’s choose something that
will really help you grow.”
Try to avoid praise that judges their intellect, talent and speed rather than effort. Praising these
qualities unintentionally has an adverse effect when our child faces difficult tasks, as it can create
a fear of failure, increased procrastination and cause our children to quit when things get difficult.

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