It has been a great Earth Week Bears!  Thank you for sending us your pictures, we love to see your smiling faces and what you have been up to at home! We have had a cold week for this time of the year, but today we are finally going to get some relief from the cold!  As such, we have spent a lot of time indoors and staring out our windows during self-isolation. Why not learn a little about what is growing around our homes?

Bear Challenge identify different plants, trees, flowers and more that are in your very own backyard. Be a nature detective, what is the coolest thing you learned on your scavenger hunt? Take a picture of your backyard, tell us what you learned, and please send a picture to your teacher (indicating permission to use your picture online) or tag us on Twitter @BSKbears.

Look for our video, which we hope to have posted by the end of the weekend, celebrating our love for Mother Earth  and all we have done this past week!