Dear Families

  1. A big thank you to our families for keeping all of us safe by following protocols and keeping children home when they are sick.  Many families call in looking for clarification and the rule of thumb is – if they don’t pass the screening, don’t send them to school.  If you follow the screening page all the way down, you will be given instructions on how to proceed if they don’t pass the screening.  Don’t forget to screen everyday before school!
  2. This Friday October 22 is Crazy Hat/Hair Day!  Our Student Council thanks you for your participation.
  3. A reminder to complete any outstanding forms on SchoolCashOnline.  If you have any issues with SchoolCashOnline, please contact the Main Office.
  4. Our Stop Everything and Dance Fundraiser is on now!  We have a lot of prizes – thank you to our School Council for sourcing them out!   We are currently setting up the prize table and should have it set up by the end of the week.  Once it is set up, we will share it with families via your child’s google classroom for you to take a peek at our wonderful prizes!
  5. Stop Everything and Dance Early Bird Draw! We have acquired four passes for The Strom’s Farm Harvest Fun Area – which expire Oct 31. As a result, will will draw an Early Bird prize from our families who have made a donation by Friday 8:00 a.m.  You can continue to add donations after your first one via SchoolCashOnline.
  6. Our Halloween Theme Day coincides with our Stop Everything and Dance.  Please see newsletter for more information. A friendly reminder that students cannot share treats yet; however your child can bring in a special treat for themselves that day.  856 Pumpkins In A Row Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock