Hey Bears!

We are having two theme days this October we wish to bring to your attention:

Friday October 23: Wacky Hat and/or Hair Day. Let’s get creative and show us your Oktoberfest, Fall or Halloween Hat and/or Hairstyle.

Friday October 30: All Hallow’s Eve Activitiesjack o lantern

  1. Classrooms are planning Activities for October 30th. Teachers will let you know their individual or divisional plans in their Google Classrooms.
  2. Due to CoVid 19 Restrictions, sharing of treats are not permitted. Thus please do not send in treats to share with the class. Your child may come in with a treat for themselves to eat as part of their individual snack.
  3. Each class will be carving a jack-o-lantern and we will have a contest to judge the classroom carvings.

Students are welcome to wear black and orange or a costume to school but please note, they will still be going out for all recesses. If students are wearing a costume, the costume must respect the following rules:

  • Faces must be visible (no masks other than the CoVid daily masks).
  • Make-up is to be applied at home. (however please consider the CoVid masks that are to be worn which may smudge the make-up)
  • No blood or graphic injuries.
  • Props will not be permitted as they may get damaged, misplaced and/or lost.
  • All costumes must be appropriate to be modelled for young children (eg. provocative or violent costumes are not appropriate)
  • Students are welcome and encouraged to bring a change of clothes (black & orange?).

HAlloween Kids