Hello everyone!

Once again, your School Council will provide pancakes to the students for free on Tuesday March 5th. That’s only one week away!

We are in desperate need for moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts or uncles willing to come in for the morning and flip pancakes with us. Only two have volunteered so far and we need at least 10 to make this event a go. Please call the office if you can help us out. The success of this event is dependent on the amount of volunteers we have to cook the pancakes.

In an effort to support our eco initiatives, we are asking students to BYOP&F (bring your own plate and fork) this day. It is recommended it comes in a ziploc or plastic bag. Many schools are doing this initiative in an effort to reduce the waste of paper plates and plastic cutlery.

Again this treat is free to the students. It is meant to be an addition to their lunch, nor a replacement for it. The pancakes will arrive to individual classes sometime throughout the morning. As soon as a class set is made, they will get delivered.

Thank you