Dear Families

Please read this updated document from Waterloo Region Public Health: DOCS_ADMIN-#3412875-v1-Parent_Communication_for_School_Boards_

We wish to provide further, clear directions to families based upon the above letter:

  1. You must complete the CoVid Screening Tool Daily which will tell you if your child/children can attend school or not. It is found at the top of our webpage and the board webpage, but I have included it here:
  2. If the Tool says “Do Not Go to School” you must either: self-isolate and go for testing or self-isolate for 14 days. You may also contact your doctor or telehealth.  Please update the school no matter the situation. (cold, flu).  Students may only return to school if they “do not have a fever without using medication and symptoms have been resolved for at least 24 hours”.  You must notify the school/teacher of when the child can be expected to come back to class.
  3. Parents may not send their sick child back to school without calling the office first. You may not send your child back to school with a self diagnosis – it must be a medical diagnosis as mentioned above.
  4. If your child tells us they have or display any  CoVid – 19 symptom(s): Fever, Chills, Cough, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat, Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose, Difficulty Swallowing, Decrease in Taste or Smell, Pink Eye, Headache, Digestive Issues, Muscle Ache, Extreme Tiredness, Sluggish or Lack of Appetite – they will be sent home.
  5. When calling in an absence due to illness you must provide a description of the symptoms your child/children are experiencing.

While understanding the difficulty this may cause; we must follow the direction of Waterloo Public Health to keep everyone safe.

Thank you

Mr. Petrella